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Business exigencies compel business decisions in the modern age. As more & more e-retailers add to the flock there is a whole new positive undercurrent in the Air Cargo trade. The Air-Cargo business since Apr 2016 has shot up from 21% to 25%- an exponential, hitherto unprecedented growth. As speedy delivery becomes the buzzword, the airline industry, after years of losses, has recognized the possibilities of a business upsurge.

SKYSTAR SERVICES welcomes these new business avenues wholeheartedly & looks to serve the Air-Cargo sector with a multitude of special offerings. Specialized handling of bulk consignments, sent via cargo flights to various destinations, in 24 to 48 hours, includes door-to-door delivery of priority consignments like medicines, vegetables & fruits.Our trained personnel are on top of the situation at every point in the consignments journey.

  • Economical air freight
  • Same day delivery
  • Door-to-door & airport-to-airport freight solutions
  • Time bound deliveries for all sector
  • Pan India coverage
  • Integrated highly professional services
  • Airfreight inbound & outbound services
  • Container movement from airport to warehouse
  • FCL/LCL services
  • Cost-effective routing of valuable air-worthy cargo

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As we are aware that Banking, Securities company, Insurance, pharmaceutical and drugs companies are the most aggressively growth-oriented industries today with such high competition, our research in all these industries need have made us understand that with technologically advanced system even in banking, the need of the hour is very personalized and specific.

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